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diy fabric garland

one thing i really enjoy doing is crafts. any craft or diy project is always a good time for me ha! i decided to make a fabric garland for my friend holly and her baby shower. it was a great piece for the decor for the shower but also as a take away piece for holly as well.

this craft was cheap and easy to make. this would be good for an event, party, or just simply used as a decor piece in your home. 

what you will need:
fabric scissors
thick ribbon, twine, or rope
3-4 cotton fabric prints (1 yard of each depending on how long you want yours) 
you can always use more than 3-4 prints for this as well 

how to make it:
1. start by cutting 2 inch strips of fabric for each print
2. then, i used half of a roll of thick 2 inch ribbon as my base and tied a double knot at each end of your ribbon 
4. after you have tied your two knots on your ribbon, you will then begin tying the strip of fabric to the ribbon
5. you can do this in several different ways such as spreading each fabric piece out leaving space between each piece of fabric or you can bunch them together to make it look full
6. lastly, you can cut any loose ends and arrange your fabric garland however you would like

i posted pictures of the process and the finished product on display in the new nursery :)


holly's baby shower

this past weekend, i had the pleasure of hosting my good friend holly's baby shower. she is all about sparkle, pink, and she also shares a love for polka dots as well. i knew her baby shower needed to include all of these (it's a girl, obviously). 

some of the sweets and treats i made included:

sweets- fruit salad, chocolate chip cheeseball, vanilla cupcakes & strawberry buttercream, and this wonderful little bake shop in Murfreesboro designed the vanilla/almond sugar cookies for me (decorated desserts is the bake shop)

treats- bacon water chestnut bites (my grandma's recipe), bruschetta, and mini veggie dips

we had a great time showering holly and anticipating the arrival of baby audrey.