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Introducing Rush Atlas Draffin: Newborn Family Pictures

                 Hello my friends! Long time no talk huh!? Boy oh Boy has it been a whirlwind since my last blog post from early January, posting Rush's sweet baby nursery and anticipating his arrival in late January. A lot has change for the better but it sure hasn't been an easy journey since he came into this world! Rush Atlas came into our lives on January 21st at 6:30 pm and he weighed 7 lbs and 4 oz. My delivery story definitely isn't a normal one and things didn't happen like you see in the movies where everything goes perfectly smooth but I know my birth story happened for a reason (sometimes thats hard to understand) but it made me stronger in a sense and God carried us through. Rush also came along way from being in the NICU for 6 days and then being able to come home. We are so thankful it was only 6 days and things could have always been a lot worse but were so glad things worked out.

                   My recovery was also rough and took some true patience and time to heal but again, it made me stronger and I know it happened for a reason. Once home from the hospital, my mom was home to greet us and stay with us for several weeks which was wonderful and so helpful as we adjust to having a new family member in the home. Not only was an adjustment for us but it was for Paw haha! He didn't understand for weeks, would bark every time the baby cried, thought the nursery was his, thought the babies toys were his haha! Let's just say it's been an adjustment for all of us. Shortly after my mom had to head back home to help Mam for her surgery, Reed's mom Barbara was able to come and help us as well (again so helpful)! With a lack of sleep, recovery, and trying to adjust to it all I can't thank our mom's and families enough for all of their help that's for sure. My first week at home by myself was going good until Reed's voice went out and he started a cold, and then Rush got RSV which was so hard to see a newborn sick anyways and then I got ahold of it right after; but, we made it through and they both have been doing much better thank goodness.

                 Our first couple of months home with Rush definitely haven't been easy but I have never had so much fun. Reed and I are enjoying seeing him start to smile and laugh and enjoying all the cuddles and play time. Life sure has changed but in the best way possible. We are so thankful to hopefully be on the mend and enjoying our time together as a new family of 4 (counting paw of course) :) I hope to share more each month about what Rush is up to and share some family photos. Below, are our first family photos/newborn photos. We worked with April Milan with April Milam Photography here in Spring Hill. She is wonderful and a great photographer to work with in our area. We couldn't be more pleased and in love with the pictures she took for us. She came to our home and we loved every second of it. Her website is  April Milam Website  if you ever need a photographer in the Spring Hill/ Franklin/ Nashville area. We took and received back over 90 photos but here are a few of our favorites. Thank you again April!

I hope you all are doing well and I hope you enjoy these photos of our little family! Thanks for reading and stopping by! xo Tesla