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home decor: fall inspiration

-simple pillows with themed sayings can really tie in your decor to the appropriate season

-love this porch and the ladder

-white pumpkins and antlers, it doesn't get much better than this 

-trays, baskets, and wooden bowls are great for a holiday mixture of items

-simple but perfect way to decorate your kitchen table 

who isn't ready for fall?!! i think you're crazy if you're not haha! but really, chilly temps, fall decor, hot chocolate, football, and sweatshirt weather. i am so beyond ready i am kicking off this week gathering some fall inspiration for our house. as if i didn't get enough inspiration working at the faded farmhouse all weekend (its amazing haha) i am now gathering some images to set up our house soon. i am not kidding, i don't care if it is 90 degrees for several weeks that is totally fine but my fall decor is going up soon!! haha (dead serious)

i love these looks above that i found on pinterest and wanted to share with you! i hope you find some inspiration in them as well for your own home. my focus this year is a really great and over the top fall porch setting. i can't wait to put it together and share with you!! i have many ideas up my sleeve for that, but for now i hope you enjoy these. it's a pretty relaxed week for us with work and preparing for a weekend trip for labor day. i hope you all have a wonderful monday and get into the fall mindset like i am! :) 

happy a lovely day!

(all pictures found on pinterest) 


host: beautycounter party

hey everyone! i hope you are all having a great week so far! last week, i had the pleasure of spending some time with my family in indiana for a few days and while i was there; my mom hosted my first beautycounter party! we had a great group of ladies and joined together to learn bout safe products & of course good snacks (my mother is known for being a wonderful hostess) :) 

i wanted to share a few photos from our beautycounter party with you all. i am also planning on having a second party at home near Christmas for the gals that weren't able to make it. it was such a fun night educating others on safe products with beutycounter and teaching everyone ways to make safer choices..and my mom was able to earn discounts on products and free products for hosting!! it was a win-win for everyone and we had a great time :)

if you ever have questions on beautycounter, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. my website link is:
to see more products!

enjoy your week and stay tuned for more coming soon to dots & details. see you soon! xo


home decor: the faded farmhouse

          hey everyone! as most of you know, i recently started a new job in columbia, tn with the faded farmhouse. God's timing is always perfect as i had been on the hunt for the perfect fit. i am so thankful for this wonderful new opportunity in the interior design/home decor world. i have several passions, and home decor is at the top of the list. with my blog, decorating our first home, and watching many episodes of fixer upper-- i have truly loved this aspect of decorating/home staging and the creativity it allows me to have.

         the faded farmhouse was founded in 2012 with a first location in arrington, tn near franklin and the second location now in columbia (which is 12-15 minutes from our house in spring hill) for those of you who don't know. this store is incredible. the owner and family have done an amazing job and i feel honored to be apart of the team. i know great things are in store for my future here and for this business. as you can see, the store is pretty amazing. a large space, filled with farmhouse decor, furniture, gifts, and clothing; it's hard not to love! i wanted to share this new adventure with you and encourage you to come visit us.

          i hope everyone is having a wonderful week, i am leaving to head back to nashville today as i have spent a few days at home in indiana with my family and hosting my first beautycounter party. more to come on the party!! enjoy your week and thank you as always for stopping by.xo


collaboration: Beautycounter + StyledbyLD


model above is wearing the Beautycounter lipstick shade: coral  $30

Our Lip Sheers get their soft touch from plant-based ingredients such as jojoba esters, and their light fragrance from real vanilla — not from synthetic flavors, or ingredients that are linked to health harm.

model to the top left is wearing this shade as well 

lauren and i 

    hey everyone! it's been a busy week around here but i wanted to share my most recent collaboration with LD Styled (who is my sister-in-law) in memphis. as most of you may know, in june i joined an amazing company to help spread the word about the effects of harmful chemicals in/on our bodies and how to make safer choices with Beautycounter. Beautycounter is three years old and is founded by an incredible woman in california named gregg renfrew. several years ago, she began to realize the daily products that she was using on her family; weren't actually safe. because she wasn't aware of the lack of regulation in the beauty industry and the amount of harmful toxins and chemicals that are added to our products each day, she decided to do something. i am so thankful to have joined this amazing movement, to educate others on making safer choices for their families.

    with that being said, my sister-in-law (Lauren Draffin) and I put our heads together to help spread this mission in our communities. lauren is a very well-known fashion guru and stylist in the memphis area. she is also the wardrobe stylist for the "4 Memphis magazine in memphis. i sent lauren a great new shade of my beautycounter lipstick to use on the models for her most recent august edition for the the    magazine.  i was so excited to work with lauren on this and she helped me spread the word about the beautycounter mission to her colleagues, and fashion friends.

    this is very exciting for us as our first of many collaborations together. we both have very similar backgrounds and ideas and i couldn't be more excited to share this with you. i love working with lauren but having her as a sister has been even better :) i hope you have enjoyed this collaboration as much as we have and if you ever need style advice, lauren is your go-to! i can provide her contact information as well if needed. in the mean time be sure to check out the magazine she is working with " 4 Memphis Magazine."  and also her new style blog she just created

also, if you have any questions about Beautycounter,  i am here to help and educate you on safe products! my website is

have a great day! thank you for stopping by!


whole 30 update: Day 28

              as we approach the end of our first whole 30 program, i wanted to share some thoughts on the program and why i highly recommend this. i have had multiple questions about what reed and i have been doing and i wanted to share everything with you.

             when reed and i started this program and found out about it through my best friend, we mentally thought how in the world are we not going to eat sugar, gluten, and dairy for 30 days... there is no way! back in april, when i started to have stomach issues after things i was eating i started with gluten-free and very quickly felt better and the stomach issues faded away. this was a great transition and an easy time for me to begin the whole 30 program because of this. we purchased the whole 30 program book and did a lot of pinterest-ing for ways to meal prep and recipes. once we had ideas of what we wanted to make for the first of the program we made a large grocery run and started right away.

           what can you eat? basically in a nut shell you can eat; potatoes, grass fed meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, organic vegetables, and organic fruits. yep thats it. you can't bake things like "zucchini bread, or banana cake, or even gluten-free baked goods". this is purely "whole" food. if you purchase the book, you will find a lot of great recipes. some of the recipes we enjoyed were shepherds pie, homemade ranch dressing, turkey meatballs, pot roast, and more. i definitely recommend purchasing the book to really get a good grasp of what the program is all about. 

          week 1: this was the hardest part. if you can make it past week 1 of pure sugar cravings, headaches, fatigue, and dreams of donuts, then you can make it! i promise. at first it seems impossible and it sure does sound like a hard thing do, but it is absolutely worth it. the following weeks to come your body changes, your stomach shrinks and you adjust to the foods you are consuming, and your cravings for sugar actually go away. now i will say, we talked about food A LOT, we mentioned the foods we thought "sounded good" to us and how we wished that we could have a pizza or something, but we knew we couldn't and stuck with it. its not hard, you can do it! 

          what did we learn? first of all, i can't believe it has already been almost 30 days, time is flying! second, i can't stress to you enough how this has changed our relationship with food and our mentality towards food. the entire month i haven't had one stomach issue, we feel great, you actually get use to eating "whole" foods and enjoying them, you begin to crave the right foods, i don't feel like i need sugar to make it through the day, reed lost 22 lbs and i lost 15lbs, and the best part we feel soooo much better!! i can't say it enough, whole 30 has been the best lifestyle change for us as well as changing our personal care products. also, in the book it speaks to "life after whole 30" and how to continue this lifestyle for the rest of your life. which is amazing, because that is exactly what we are going to do with a few cheat meals here and there to enjoy :) we can't wait to continue this great program and i hope this has encouraged you to look into this and enjoy feeling better! :) 

thanks for following along! happy tuesday!

 what are the benefits of whole 30? 

here is a piece of info from the whole 30 website:

you can find all of the information you need on this website!! 

Whole30 Benefits

The most important reason to keep reading? This will change your life.
We cannot possibly put enough emphasis on this simple fact—the next 30 days will change your life. It will change the way you think about food, it will change your tastes, it will change your habits and your cravings. It could, quite possibly, change the emotional relationship you have with food, and with your body. It has the potential to change the way you eat for the rest of your life. We know this because we did it, and tens of thousands of people have done it since, and it changed our lives (and their lives) in a very permanent fashion.
The physical benefits of the Whole30 are profound. More than 95% of participants lose weight and improve their body composition, without counting or restricting calories. Also commonly reported: consistently high energy levels, improved athletic performance, better sleep, improved focus and mental clarity, and a sunnier disposition. (Yes, more than a few Whole30 graduates said they felt “strangely happy” during and after their program.)
The psychological benefits of the Whole30 may be even more dramatic. Through the program, participants report effectively changing long-standing, unhealthy habits related to food, developing a healthier body image, and a dramatic reduction or elimination of cravings, particularly for sugar and carbohydrates. The words so many Whole30 participants use to describe this place? “Food freedom.”
Finally, testimonials from thousands of Whole30 participants document the improvement or “cure” of any number of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions.
high blood pressure • high cholesterol • type 1 diabetes • type 2 diabetes • asthma • allergies • sinus infections • hives • skin conditions • endometriosis • PCOS • infertility • migraines • depression • bipolar disorder • heartburn • GERD • arthritis • joint pain • ADD • thyroid dysfunction • Lyme disease • fibromyalgia • chronic fatigue • lupus • leaky gut syndrome • Crohn’s • IBS • Celiac disease • diverticulitis • ulcerative colitis