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travel: Birmingham weekend

hi everyone! happy Monday :) i am finally getting around to sharing our Birmingham trip from last weekend! we had such a great time. it was my first time in Birmingham and I really enjoyed the areas of the city and  all of the fun shopping.

we left on a Saturday morning and headed straight to the barber vintage mtorsports mueseum as reed has been several times and always loves visiting this museum. it was really neat and we spent a few hours there and then went shopping at the summit. fabulous shopping I might add. we had dinner at Johns city diner downtown Birmingham. It was absolutely wonderful! we loved it. 

on Sunday, we had coffee and breakfast at a cute coffee shop downtown Mountainbrook and walked around the area.  on the  way home, we took the long route and went through a few small towns we had been wanting to see and enjoyed a nice Sunday drive.  it was a great relaxing weekend! here are a few fun photos of our trip. enjoy and thanks for stopping by :)


beauty: my daily skin routine

                   hi everyone! it's a new week and i still can't believe its already February! we had a great weekend relaxing and enjoying time with my brother and a few friends this weekend. i hope you all had a great weekend as well. i wanted to share my daily skin routine with you all this week. i have recieved several questions about beautycounter and what i use daily and thought this would be a great way to share.

                  as some of you know last year was a year filled with dermatology appointments and getting spots removed. last year around this time i was introduced to beautycounter and i couldn't be more thankful for what it has done to my skin. i have always been a product junky and i loved my subscription boxes and all that fun stuff but i often found myself not sticking to one brand but several. i never thought i would be able to order everything i need from one brand, and thats exactly what i do with beautycounter. to my shampoo & conditioner, to my makeup, and lotion. it's also such a reassurance in knowing that all of what i am using every day  contains safe ingredients and is actually good for me.

here is my daily routine:

-3 days a week, i apply the purifying charcoal mask and leave this on for 20 minutes or until it hardens and then i wash off the mask. it feels amazing and leaves my skin with a clean glow. this really has made the difference each week in my skin. the mask tightens and cleanses very well.

(below) each morning: i wash my face with the nourishing cream cleanser and then i pat my face dry and use the nourishing day cream every day before applying my makeup. the good thing about these products are how light weight they are. i don't like some moisturizers that are thick and leave your face feeling gunky (i think i made that word up) but you know what i mean :)

(below) this is my night-time routine before bed. every single night i have used these products for the past year and i can really feel the difference in my skin. i start by washing my makeup off each night with the charcoal bar. after i pat my face dry, i use one squirt (dime size amounts for all of these products) and i mix one drop of the balancing oil below in with the nourishing night cream which is the bottle on the far left. so let me re-cap.... charcoal bar- mix the balancing oil in with the night cream. then i apply that mixture to my face and let it dry and then lastly i take a small amount (dime size) of the eye cream (tube in the middle) and pat this lightly around my eyes.

this night-time routine has also really made the difference along with the charcoal mask. i can't tell you how great my skin feels on a daily basis.  it truly is about being consistent such as anything if you want to see results and feel good. 

thanks for stopping by! i hope you have enjoyed this beauty post. you can see all of the beautycounter products on my website at  

if you have any questions, please reach out to me and ask :) thank you and i will see you again real soon, have a great week! xoxo