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decor: how to decorate with old books

             Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday! I can't believe its already the end of July, I literally just said this about June. It has been a busy last few weeks for us with traveling for work, personal travel, and staying busy with everyday life. I thought it would be fun to share a few how to's coming up in the next month or so and the first one I wanted to start with "how to" decorate with old books.

             The last time I posted a picture on my social media using old books, someone sent me a message and asked where I find my old books. The truth is I find a lot at antique stores and thrift shops. They are cheap and I am always looking for a good cover to any old book. I normally choose them but the title and especially by the color, after all thats how you decorate with old books :)

1. Stacking: Use old books to stack on a coffee table, book shelf, or night stand. By stacking books you will be able to give an object some height but also show off your book titles as well. 

2. Exposing your book pages: If you don't like the titles or colors of the books you have another stylish way is to expose your book pages. I love the neutral colors of the book pages! Add a decorative book end or even objects like my next picture to keep your books together. 


-In this image below I used a glass milk jar and a distressed white candlestick as the objects to hold the books together. You can see it definitely gives a different feel/look but this will give you more options for your everyday objects instead of investing in bookends. 

3. Creating book displays: If you don't want to style your books in the traditional way with book ends, you can create book displays by showing off different angles of the books. Below I added several books in the middle as my base and then worked my way out. I placed one book face down and placed glass jars on top to secure the other books in the middle in place but also gave the display dimension. By creating displays, you can get creative in the way you place your books. This is the best technique you can use for a book shelf as well! 

-Here is another image below of my client's book shelf that I created for her. I used the exposed book pages to keep that neutral look and added more books on one end and placed a mini plater as well as a white vase on the other end. Again, creating that display to give it a unique look and added detail. 

Stay tuned for the next "How To" :) Have a great week and thank you for stopping by! XO Tesla 


Travel: Asheville, Pigeon Forge, & Knoxville

Hi friends! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and 4th of July! Reed and I made a road trip with my family to Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, & Asheville during the long weekend and we had the best time. We took some time to visit and sight see in Knoxville and have a bite to eat and then spent several days in Pigeon Forge where we went white water rafting and enjoyed the area and then made our way to Asheville, NC.

We spent time downtown and in small suburbs eating and shopping our way through Asheville. We also made a trip to see the Biltmore which was a lot of fun. Reed and I went last summer with his parents and had a great time and now was able to go with my parents and brother as well. We had such a fun trip! Here are a few pictures from our time!  Enjoy xo