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nashville weekend

whew what a weekend! it was jam packed with activities and my family was in town from indiana. they came in late friday night and left sunday evening and as always; we had such a great time. 

here is a detailed list of what we did:

-dinner at Henpeck Market Village in Thompson Station (so good)

-early start at the nashville flea market (our favorite end of the month activity) we found a ton of great pieces for our house and also a few diy projects as well. i am excited to get started on those this week to show you what i came up with.

-lunch at merchants in downtown on broadway. a super great lunch spot that we had been wanting to try. i had fish tacos and sweet potato fries as you can see in the pic above. great spot and loved the interior elements

-the afternoon was spent walking down broadway, shopping, and people watching

-lunch at the row in midtown. a great spot for live music and good food. we all shared appetizers and desserts as you can see. the biscuits and jam and fried pickles were great (and of course the brownie sundae)

-then we walked to nissan stadium to watch the colts and titans games. thank goodness the colts pulled out a "w" because we would have been one group of disappointed indy fans. 

-we ended the day with dinner at luigi's city pizza on broadway and then relaxed for the evening in pajamas

we had such a great weekend and we always love spending time with our loved ones. we spent last weekend in memphis with the draffin's and had such a great time there as well. we are always on the go but taking time to appreciate our family is the most important part.

side note: we are in love with the fact that fall is here and in full swing. i can't wait to share our fall decor with you later this week.

have a great day!!


cheeseburger dip

it's football time and this house is full of football stats and game day food, especially since my brother is here. tonight our favorite team  was playing and i wanted to fix some game day food!

i tried this new and very easy cheeseburger dip and the guys loved it!! this is perfect for an appetizer at a gathering or for a football party!

here is the recipe:

-1 or 1/2 lb ground beef depending upon your serving size (i used 1 lb)
-4 oz of cream cheese
-1 tablespoon of worcestershire sauce
-2 tablespoons of ketchup
-1/2 cup of sour cream
-1/4 cup of mayonnaise
-1/2 cup of mozzarella shredded
-1/2 cup cheddar cheese shredded

-you can also add 1 diced onion and also bacon bits if you would like as well (i didn't for this batch)

-pre-heat your even to 350
-cook your ground beef and drain 
-in a large bowl mix the cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, cheese, worcestershire and ketchup
-add the beef to the mixture 
-place in a baking dish or pot 
-bake for 20 minutes
-sprinkle more cheese on top or bacon
-serve with tortilla chips, celery, or bread
easy!! enjoy!!
i also served boneless buffalo and barbecue wings, and cookies & fruit for dessert.

this will be a hit at your football or Super Bowl parties.
go colts!


banana pudding cake

after dinner last night, reed was wanting something with a banana taste in it; therefore, i had to deliver ha! this was such an easy cake to make, and we enjoyed it!! it would taste even better if the cake was from scratch instead of a box but he didn't complain ;)

heres the recipe!

-1 box of yellow cake mix (plus your ingredients for the cake mix-eggs, water, oil)
-2 packages of instant banana pudding 
-4 cups of milk
-1 tub of cool whip
-vanilla wafers (several handfuls)

-set your oven to 350
-use a 9x13 cake pan
-bake your cake until golden brown and check the center with  a toothpick to make sure there isn't any batter left on the toothpick
-let your cake cool on a cooling rack
-when completely cooled, take a toothpick or utensil to poke holes all over the cake, the more holes the better
-then, whisk the two packages of banana pudding and your milk together in a medium sized bowl
-pour this mixture over your cake and you will see the pudding fill the holes
-place the cake in the refrigerator and let the pudding set
-once the cake is cooled and the pudding is set, spread the cool whip over the cake 
-use a zip lock bag to put your vanilla wafers in and then you will use a rolling pin to crush the wafers
-sprinkle the crushed vanilla wafters over the cake 
-serve immediately or you can store in the refrigerator 



diy chalkboard paint projects

i have used chalkboard paint for a lot of crafts lately. recently, i couldn't find any coasters i liked so i just decided to make my own with chalkboard paint and a paint pen. i found the coasters at hobby lobby and went to work. they are so easy and inexpensive to make. 

my next recent project was using the same chalkboard paint for a piece of cedar bark that my grandpa gave us. he brought us 4-5 large pieces and i absolutely love them. it is a beautiful color and it smells amazing! i have several different ways i am going to use them but for this one i used the paint and paint pen for this as well. my goal is to incorporate this piece with my new fall decor coming soon!! the only thing left to do with this piece is to sand down the edges a little and place some pumpkins near :) oh how i love fall, and it is right around the corner. 

enjoy and have a great weekend!!