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collaboration: Beautycounter + StyledbyLD


model above is wearing the Beautycounter lipstick shade: coral  $30

Our Lip Sheers get their soft touch from plant-based ingredients such as jojoba esters, and their light fragrance from real vanilla — not from synthetic flavors, or ingredients that are linked to health harm.

model to the top left is wearing this shade as well 

lauren and i 

    hey everyone! it's been a busy week around here but i wanted to share my most recent collaboration with LD Styled (who is my sister-in-law) in memphis. as most of you may know, in june i joined an amazing company to help spread the word about the effects of harmful chemicals in/on our bodies and how to make safer choices with Beautycounter. Beautycounter is three years old and is founded by an incredible woman in california named gregg renfrew. several years ago, she began to realize the daily products that she was using on her family; weren't actually safe. because she wasn't aware of the lack of regulation in the beauty industry and the amount of harmful toxins and chemicals that are added to our products each day, she decided to do something. i am so thankful to have joined this amazing movement, to educate others on making safer choices for their families.

    with that being said, my sister-in-law (Lauren Draffin) and I put our heads together to help spread this mission in our communities. lauren is a very well-known fashion guru and stylist in the memphis area. she is also the wardrobe stylist for the "4 Memphis magazine in memphis. i sent lauren a great new shade of my beautycounter lipstick to use on the models for her most recent august edition for the the    magazine.  i was so excited to work with lauren on this and she helped me spread the word about the beautycounter mission to her colleagues, and fashion friends.

    this is very exciting for us as our first of many collaborations together. we both have very similar backgrounds and ideas and i couldn't be more excited to share this with you. i love working with lauren but having her as a sister has been even better :) i hope you have enjoyed this collaboration as much as we have and if you ever need style advice, lauren is your go-to! i can provide her contact information as well if needed. in the mean time be sure to check out the magazine she is working with " 4 Memphis Magazine."  and also her new style blog she just created

also, if you have any questions about Beautycounter,  i am here to help and educate you on safe products! my website is

have a great day! thank you for stopping by!

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