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oreo & brownie cookie bars

wow, this is the easiest recipe ever! any recipe that involves cookies, oreos, and brownies in the same recipe is probably going to be pretty good and gooey. i made these this week for my co-workers and i think they enjoyed them! thank you kayla for the suggestion on what to bring to the office this week haha :) 

literally, did i mention how easy this is? 

-cookie dough
-brownie mix

-start with making your cookie dough first (or just buying cookie dough, either way)
-spread the cookie dough throughout your pan or glass dish
-place oreos on top of the cookie dough (enough to fill the dish)
-lastly, mix your brownie mix or make it from scratch
-then, pour the batter on top of the oreos and cookies 
-bake for 25-30 minutes (keep an eye on it)
-let this cool for 30 minutes before cutting and serving

deeeeelish! and very very gooey and a lot of chocolate. FYI! :)

i hope you enjoy this easy recipe!

Have a great day!

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