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diy mud room

we have been wanting to build our own mudroom the moment we stepped foot into our new home. reed and i would compile pinterest ideas of a future mud room and we finally decided on what we wanted and started to build.

this project was really fun and i worked with reed every step of the way to actually learn about the building process and ask questions to learn "key terms" haha! 

we started by buying a ton of wood and supplies at home depot and went to work. you can see our progress and steps above. we built this on one saturday morning & afternoon and finished painting and decorating this past weekend. it turned out exactly how we wanted it to and we are so pleased with our new mudroom. this will be a great selling point when we are ready to re-sell our house one day. 

we installed this new light fixture as well, which we fell in love with. 

i hope you enjoy the pictures of our progress on our new mud room. we have many projects on our to list (who doesn't) and i can't wait to share the next one with you.

enjoy! if you have any questions about the building process, just ask! :)

the decor can be found at:
 (boxwood wreath)

(pillow & blanket)

(hello sign)

(love never fails sign)

have a great week everyone!!


  1. Love it! Lol i need you all to come to my home and help build things!!! Your hubby is a handy man genius!!!!

    1. Haha we would love to!!! We have too much fun with our projects 😘😘😘 love you!

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