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diy: word pillows

i was feeling crafty today and wanted to try and make my own "word" pillows. these were obviously so easy to make as you can see. with a trip to hobby lobby for supplies and reed and paw napping, i was ready to start my project. 

i purchased large stencils from hobby lobby as well as white fabric paint and two regular sized pillow covers. i used two older pillows i had from my old apartment that i wasn't using in the house and covered those with the two pillow covers. you can obviously choose any color of pillow cover or fabric if you want to make your own. i chose two linen covers because i wanted the natural color to blend in with my other existing  pillows in our house. the teal pillow i already had and decided to use that for the decorative stencil. hobby lobby has all kinds of stencils to choose from. 

next, after i had my supplies i placed the stencils on the pillows and used a small paint brush to paint with. the key to holding down the stencils to the fabric is using tape. be sure to tape down all sides of the stencil and then begin to paint. after the stenciling is done, set the pillows aside for the paint to dry and then you can decorate! again, this is super easy and a great craft to work on. i placed the two word pillows in our living room and the teal pillow was placed in my chair in my craft room.

as always, thank you for visiting and taking a look at my blog. i hope you enjoy reading and following along. i hope you enjoy this diy project and hope you all have a wonderful week. almost the weekend, woo hoo!

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