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recipe: whole30 taco & fajita seasoning

        hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great week! I wanted to share our go-to seasonings that we make on a weekly basis with you.  with whole 30 we eat a lot of tacos and fajitas about once a week. it's quick, easy,  and whole30 compliant.

the taco & fajita seasonings that we make are clean and light unlike a packet of seasoning you find at the grocery store where it feels heavy and loaded with sugar.  we have really come to love these two seasonings.  we found these on pinterest on a whole30 blog. I made my own containers and labeled them; therefore, you can really make ahead or just combine your mixture for one recipe. because we use these so often, i am constantly refilling these jars. oh and they have polka dots, aren't they cute?! :) here are the recipes:

Seasoning for Fajitas:

Seasoning for Tacos:

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