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Gender Reveal Party: It's a BOY!

              Hi Everyone! IT'S A BOY!!! It has been one exciting couple of weeks finding out the gender of our baby that we are expecting in January! This past weekend was truly the icing on the cake when we were able to tell our friends and family it's a boy!! We threw a big gender reveal party back at home in Indiana with all of our family and friends and it couldn't have been more perfect. Every detail and moment was wonderful. I am so truly thankful for such great people in our lives.

I wanted to share all of the fun photos of the weekend and all of the party details! We decided to do the reveal with confetti canons and let the 4 new grandparents shoot them off to reveal the gender of the baby. After a 5,4,3,2,1 the blue confetti came popping out. It sure was a wonderful surprise and I think the grandparents were all in shock as they all four thought it was a girl (hence the reason they were wearing pink). We had such a fun weekend and I hope you all had a great one as well! Enjoy the photos below! The expressions are priceless :)


  1. Wow! A lot of people are having gender revealing parties now days. This one was beautiful. I loved the cupcakes, they look so very tempting. It is actually a wonderful idea and I would like to have a party like this. I have also shortlisted some of the rental spaces for parties already.

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