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Baby Draffin: My 2nd Trimester

              Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! I can't believe my 2nd trimester is already gone, that went fast!! At the end of my first trimester, I shared all about how I felt and my experience and wanted to do the same for the 2nd trimester as well. So far, the second trimester has been the best for me. I feel better than the first and I have some energy back. The first trimester was full of emotions, nausea, and fatigue and thankfully the nausea is gone for now but the fatigue comes and goes. But hey, like I said I will take it and I am thankful for the good the bad and the ugly even though sometimes it's not pleasant.

           I have really enjoyed this trimester of pregnancy, not only because I am feeling better but because it has given me a chance to enjoy family time, activities, and attending events again.  I have also been able to start the nursery and actually take my time with it. We have a crib now and my dad recently came and painted one accent wall for us, which was awesome :) Thanks Dad! It is a blueish/grey color and the rest of the walls are a beige/neutral color. Reed and my dad assembled the crib a couple weekends ago which was fun to watch and see. My mom and I collected small decor pieces to add and found sheets for the crib which was fun. It is starting to come together slowly but surely. Reed recently built two hanging book shelves which I love! We started placing the books on the shelves and adding in some details to some spaces and it is coming along great. I have had more fun getting the closet together and putting all the tiny clothes on little hangers haha! :)

         I had my first baby shower in Memphis this past weekend and can't wait to share that later this week but wanted to fill you in on how the 2nd trimester was since I just entered the 3rd trimester this past weekend. Time is flying and I couldn't be more thankful, nervous, excited, and nervous haha I announced the babies name this past weekend and his name means a lot to us. Rush Atlas Draffin will be his full name. Rush was my great-great grandpa's name on my mom's side and Reed and I got engaged at Mount Rushmore in 2014. His first name is very special to us and his middle name Atlas comes from our trip to Alaska last summer. We were on our way home from Alaska, and I started a book and in the book the family had a little boy named Atlas and I fell in love with the name. This is where his middle name comes from. Reed picked the first name and I picked the middle name and it worked out great. We couldn't be more thankful for this season and thank God daily for this tiny little blessing that we will have in just three short months. We can't wait to meet you baby Rush! I will be back soon to share our Memphis baby shower! Thank you for reading and following along :)xoxo Tesla

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