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3 Months with Rush Atlas

                  Hi everyone! It has been a bit since I have written a full post and what a better way to start back up with a sweet 3 month post about Rush. I can't believe he is 3 months already!! He will actually be 4 months next week on May 21st! Time is really flying by and we are enjoying every bit of it with him.  I just celebrated my first Mother's Day with him this past Sunday and we had so much fun with church, lunch, and ice cream! A little re-cap,  month 2 was definitely hard for us. Rush got RSV for about 2 weeks, wasn't sleeping, very gassy etc etc  A lot of adjusting still and a lot of getting use to each other and trying to figure out what works best for him.  Month 3 has been so much fun and we are really starting to see the start of his personality. 

               He is a talker!! He is definitely going to be like his mother in that aspect haha! He is talking, playing, starting to grab toys, sitting up in his sit me up seat, and smiling/laughing. It has been so much fun and we are really enjoying his age right now. The newborn stage was hard for us and I know we will love every bit of whats ahead. He has upgraded to his big boy bath in the bath tub and that has been fun. He loves bath time and splashing his feet in the water. This past week though, we have had a heck of a time with two teeth coming in! We couldn't believe it. Getting 2 teeth at 3 months is not what we were prepared for haha! I honestly didn't ask the pediatrician any questions or read up on teething at all because I didn't expect it for awhile. Well, anyways he has had a rough week with teething but we are starting to see the end of it. I can't wait to see the second tooth come completely in because the first one is absolutely adorable :) Here are a few things about Rush at 3 months :)

Likes: Bath time, loud toys, his swing, mickey's clubhouse 

Dislikes: Sleeping (fights it), his car seat, being hot

Age: 3 months

Thank you all for stopping by!  I will be back for more of Rush Atlas at 4 months as well :) xo Tesla 

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