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my new lifeplanner

okay, i am so excited about this post; i don't even know where to start. first of all, if you haven't heard of erin condren just go to her website and see for yourself... wonderful.

i don't know if you are obsessed with paper and planning as much as i am but this planner and brand is simply awesome. my friend allie introduced me to the brand and i wish i would have had this through high school and college.

anyway, erin condren is a paper and planner extraordinaire. the brand is known for the "erin condren life planner." they also have teacher planners with lesson plans for all of those teachers out there that want to stay organized. they are adorable! my first life planner came a few weeks ago and it took about 2 weeks to ship with their high volume of orders but i didn't even care how long it took ha! (i have paper problems, i know). 

i mentioned to reed, that a blue box should be arriving soon and to look out for it. he said oh birch box! no reed, not birch box this is a new box haha! i thought it was so cute that he snapped a pic of the box when it arrived at the door, as you can see above with his work boots in the corner haha!

above, i have several pictures of my life planner and my crazy self taking a pic of each and every step of opening my planner (it was definitely like Christmas). i ordered a personalized water color dot planner with, elastic sleeve holders, a meal planner insert, and stickers. 

each planner comes with a ton of stickers they design for you and also a birthday pocket to keep track of your birthdays and major events. i love the birthday stickers that come in each planner and also the blank colored stickers that come as well. i used mine for several different occasions. 

you can definitely jazz up your planner with your own personal style to make it fun. i purchased a ton of washi tape and polka dot stickers from target of course to add to my dot obsession. 

i just wanted to share with you.i hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you have any questions about the planner :) it is wonderful and i recommend it to anyone who loves to plan!!

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