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weekend fun

reed and i have been gone almost every weekend since april; therefore, we were looking forward to a fun weekend at home in nashville. the weekend started off with the sounds game on friday at their new stadium, which was a lot of fun. 

saturday started early with the nashville flea market. rows and rows of flowers, plants, and yummy fresh produce. we were so excited to finally experience the famous peach truck that travels throughout the city selling their juicy peaches. we grabbed a bag of those, fresh zucchini, and fresh flowers (of course).

then, we ventured to the porter flea market. i have been following porter flea on social media and was itching to see all of the artsy crafts from local artsists. when we parked and walked over we got lucky and found the grilled cheeserie, crankees pizza, and retro sno (all food trucks that also travel throughout the city). we have been allowing ourselves one cheat day a week and boy oh boy we definitely claimed this as our cheat day ha!  you can see in the pictures above, how yummy it all looks. after we were literally sick of eating. we toured through porter flea and i ran into one of my favorite etsy shops "this loves that." she makes the cutest accessories and wall art (of course i had to purchase).

lastly, we made a quick stop by the franklin farmers market to check it out as well. it was such a great day of staying around home and enjoying what nashville has to offer (never disappoints) :)

i hope you all had a great weekend as well xoxo 


  1. What a fun weekend! Great photos!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  2. Hi Claire, thanks so much for checking out my blog post. It was such a fun weekend! I hope you had a great one as well :)

    love, tesla