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craft: Christmas packaging

i don't even know where to begin to express to you how excited i am that Christmas is finally here. what a wonderful and meaningful time of the year. between purchasing our first Christmas tree together, our first Christmas in our new home, baking, gift giving, the list goes on and on. all of these details are wonderful but the most important part of this beautiful time of year is the celebration of Jesus's birth. i am so thankful i am able to celebrate and share this joy with others. 

i wanted to start my Christmas blogging with one of my favorite things... paper and gift wrapping! boy oh boy do i love paper. it started a long long time ago when i loved collecting journals and notebooks. my brother and i still enjoy doing this today ha! i wanted to share a few ways to wrap your packages for the holidays and for your loved ones.

another reason i wanted to share my packaging ideas with you is because i am following in my great aunt lorene's footsteps and placing a gift or detail on top of each package. my great aunt lorene always had a small gift, ornament, candy, etc on top of each package that she gave us. i loved that she did this and wanted to do the same with my packages. i hope to continue this tradition each year in remembrance of her. 

as you can see in the photos above, i used craft paper for all of my gift wrapping this year. i love the rustic and simple look that the craft paper gives. i used faux greenery, pinecones, ornaments, candy bars, and several other items to add to each of my packages. i also used chalk markers and calligraphy pens to create my lettering on all of the packages above. 

i can't wait to share many Christmas blog posts with you this month. reed and i are putting up out Christmas tree this weekend we have a few days to enjoy it with Christmas music and hot chocolate. i love this time of year!! i hope you enjoy your Christmas details as much as i do and always remember the true reason for the season. 

hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy! thank you for stopping by!

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