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family: Christmas 2015

what a wonderful Christmas season we had! i loved every minute of this past week with our family. we did a lot of traveling on the road but it was worth every minute spent with our loved ones. i wanted to share a few pictures of our time in memphis and indiana with you. i have one hundred pictures or so but just wanted to post a few :)

between our two families we have numerous family traditions. it is so fun to see how both sides of our family have created these traditions over the years. reed and i both cherish our Christmas memories with our family, it is very important to us. our first Christmas together as husband and wife was truly amazing, just as i expected it would be.

i hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas weekend and i hope you have family traditions as well that will carry on over the years and last a lifetime. 

this week we are in clean up mode and trying to get our house back to normal. this will be an all week thing, i can feel it ha!

enjoy the pictures above and see you later this week!


  1. Just found your blog- way cute! It looks like you had the best time with family. And decorated everything very festively! Merry christmas!
    xo, tara

    1. Hi Tara!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I am glad you like it :) We did have a wonderful time and i hope you had a great Christmas as well! Thank you again.

      :) Tesla