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family feature: aunt amy's carmel chocolate squares

happy new year! what a wonderful year it was!! 2015 was filled with wonderful memories that i will cherish for a lifetime. i am setting a lot of goals for myself for 2016 and yes it does involve eating less and better, however; my family has way too many great recipes not to share and what a great way to start off the year with a family recipe.

gee my first post of 2016, and what does it involve? sweets!! haha no, not a new salad recipe but my aunt amy's carmel brownies!

for Christmas, one of the gifts my mother gave me was a recipe book filled with recipes from all of my family members. i have new recipes from all different generations. this was one of my favorite gifts! i cherish family memories and this was the perfect gift for me. i wanted to start this year with a family feature and i chose one of my many wonderful aunt's (Amy). 

i know i didn't make these as good as my aunt Amy does but i did my best. 

here is the recipe!

-1 box of german chocolate cake mix 
-1/3 cup of evaporated milk (you will use this twice is in this recipe)
-1/3 cup of evaporated milk 
-1/2 cup of margarine
-14 oz bag of carmels (i used carmel chips and this is the reason for the darker carmel color, for a lighter color use actual carmels)
-12 oz package of chocolate chips

-cook your carmels and milk on the stovetop on low heat 
-stir until melted, and then set these aside
-mix your cake mix, milk, and margarine 
-stir this until it forms a ball
-set a small amount of batter to the side to use this later for the top
-use your hands to press this mixture into a greased pan
-bake this at 350 for 6-7 minutes 
-remove this from the over and pour your chocolate chips over the batter
-next,pour your carmel mixture over the chocolate chips
-lastly, use the extra batter to form small balls and place this on top of the carmel 
-return to the over to bake for 15 minutes 
-let these cool and then cut for serving


i made these for reed's grandparents yesterday and they loved them! i hope you all enjoy them as well. 

the time off over the new year holiday was a wonderful time of catching up around the house and getting our Christmas decorations taken down. i have been under the weather since last Wednesday but luckily i was able to rest a lot as well. reed and i went on a few date nights and enjoyed several movies. we had a great weekend together! i hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

thank you to all of my family members for participating in my family feature addition to my blog and for sending my mother your recipes :) 

here is a picture of my aunt Amy!

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