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our home: navy bedroom

happy monday! i am finally able to get back to my regular posting as i have been non-stop traveling for work. i just got back from atlanta and now i am heading off to dallas today for the week. 

i have been wanting to share our navy bedroom with you and i was finally able to spend time working on my blog a little bit this past weekend. when, reed and i moved into our home i knew i wanted a navy room somewhere in the house i just couldn't decide where. after purchasing a lot of white details for our bedroom, i thought the navy and white would be a perfect mix. our goal this summer is to make our own bed frame/headboard and paint it white to pop against our hardwood floors. i am excited about that project!

our navy bedroom is filled with some of our favorite pictures together. our honeymoon, when we first met, our wedding, and our engagement pictures to name a few. we also enjoy our furniture in this room because each of these pieces has a story. 

we purchased the vintage dresser and side table at our first estate sale in memphis. it was our first big purchase together when we were engaged. i absolutely love the look of these pieces, especially the marble look on top. our white night stands were from reeds apartment that we painted white in an earlier post on the blog (that was a fun project).

the bed frame/headboard was mine from my first apartment in nashville when i moved south. the dark brown ottoman that we have in our room was my first birthday present from reed when we were dating. it is one of my favorite gifts from him. he knows my obsession with paper and gift wrapping and he filled the ottoman with my own gift wrapping station filled with paper and supplies. it was so exciting! ha

lastly, paw's cute little bed was purchased at another estate sale in memphis. i instantly fell in love with it and my mother in law made a polka dot cushion to go on top. yes, paw has his own bed at the edge of ours. yes, i have a problem haha! 

thank you for visiting today and i hope you have a wonderful monday! i can't wait to share another part of our house with you soon!

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