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travel: lake tahoe

the last stop on our trip was lake tahoe! wow, i almost want to say we "saved the best for last." our entire trip was absolutely incredible. each  place that we went was so different in their own way. we talked about not exactly having a favorite place because we loved it all. we enjoyed every bit of it. if i had to move to any of the places it would be lake tahoe. oh my goodness, the views were breathtaking.

we spent a full day in tahoe city and on friday we spent a half day there before we drove to reno. during our full day we started early and drove around the entire lake of tahoe which was about 75 miles and worth every inch. we were told to make sure to drive the whole lake and we were so glad that we did because there was obviously so much to see. i loved seeing so much snow!! i was so happy :) (ps i love snow)

some of the trails and areas to walk around were actually closed because of the snow but we were able to walk on a small trail along the sunny side area of lake tahoe. we stayed at a cute lodge called "the sunny side ski resort." it was a great location and we had an awesome view out our window. we ate dinner at the sunny side restaurant and it was very good with wine and dessert of course. we also really enjoyed "rosie's cafe" for breakfast on friday and moe's barbecue for lunch. gee i think we ate okay on vacation huh!? :)

we had the best first anniversary trip and we look forward to many more! is it bad we are already planning our next vacation? we love to travel! thank you so much for stopping by to take a look at our travel posts. i thought this would be a nice change to the blog from my recipes and diy projects. i hope you enjoyed it!

have a great week everyone :) 

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