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recipes: whole 30 lifestyle

hey everyone! i hope you all had a wonderful 4th of july holiday! we are back to the grove of things after our fun weekend in memphis visiting family. we are tackling another new challenge this summer of eliminating bad ingredients, sugar, gluten, and dairy from our diets by being apart of the whole 30 lifestyle. this isn't a diet, it's definitely a lifestyle change and they say if you can train your body for 30 days then you can continue this as a lifestyle and i know we can do it.

like many of us, i grew up on good family home cooked meals and baked goods. while i wouldn't change that for anything (duh!) haha, i definitely want to continue the traditions of home cooking but i want to do it in a healthy way. we are very new to this program and definitely wanted to begin a good lifestyle change for the better!!

after several months of literally throwing away every home product and personal care item that was unsafe and filled with toxic chemicals in our home, we are now taking on the idea of what goes in our bodies should be just as important as what we apply to our skin daily. with this being said, we started whole 30 this week and i wanted to share a few ways that we started meal prepping. these are very easy and basic ways to meal prep and get the most bang for your buck when it comes to eating healthy.

here are a few pictures below with captions on ways you can meal prep at home for your family and how to make your foods last:

whole 30 book: filled with tips, lists, and recipes

stocking up on fresh vegetables-- if you can't eat all of them right now; then cut them up and freeze them for next time 

keeping your cilantro, basil, parsley etc. fresh can be a challenge but washing it well and placing it in a jar like this will help it last and keep it fresh

making fresh salsa is a great way to add flavor to anything that you are cooking

making breakfast muffins for the week are a great start to each morning--- these are made with spinach and so good! 

preparing lunches days in advance will definitely help throughout the week--easy to grab and go! 

i hope you enjoy! we are new to the whole 30 program and i can't wait to share delicious and healthy recipes with you along the way! thank you for stopping by!

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