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recipe: easy 4th of july treats

do you need a quick and easy treat to take to a 4th of july cookout this weekend? well, i have you covered! these two desserts are so easy and quick to make. not to mention, as you can see from above they are delicious, reed says anyways haha! these are called oreo pops and cookie sandwiches! here is what to purchase and how to make:


-1 package of oreos
-1 package of soft & chewy cookies
-1 container of white icing
-1 package of white chocolate chips
-patriotic sprinkles 
-candy/sucker sticks or small thin straws

details for the oreo pops: 

-open your package of oreos
-start twisting the oreos and open the tops from the bottoms of the cookie
-place your white chocolate chips in a bowl and microwave for one minute or so until melted
-stir this well and take your sucker stick and dip it in the melted  white chocolate
-just cover the tip of the stick with the chocolate and place this towards the middle of the oreo (see picture above)
-then, you will place the top and bottom of the oreo together and press together
-complete all of the oreos that you want to do this with and then place in the freezer for a few minutes for the chocolate to harden
-next, you will take those out of the freezer and dip them in the white chocolate bowl
-be sure to cover them as best as you can in the white chocolate 
-lastly, decorate them with sprinkles
-refrigerate or freeze these for as long as you desire for the chocolate to harden
-take a bite and enjoy :)
(you can also color the white chocolate with a red or blue food coloring too!)

details for the cookie sandwiches:

-open your package of soft cookies
-open your white icing
-ice one side of the back of the cookie with white icing and cover completely over the entire cookie
-then, take another cookie and press them together and you will notice the icing will overlap the cookie
-once that is done, place your sprinkles in a bowl
-then, take your cookie sandwich and cover the excess amount of white icing on the sides with sprinkles and cover all edges of the cookie (see picture above)
-repeat this for all of the cookies 
-place in fridge for 15 minutes or so for the icing to harden and serve! :)

i hope your enjoy your holiday weekend with your loved ones and enjoy these tasty treats! 

thank you for stopping by!!

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