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2017: new year, new goals

                       hey everyone! happy new year. it's hard to believe Christmas has come and gone and now new years as well. 2017 is here and instead of coming up with resolutions that will probably slip between the cracks i wanted to share my personal goals for this year instead. we all know everyone wants to be healthy and lose weight at the beginning of the year and you always hear the jokes about how many people open up a gym membership in january and don't ever see the gym again after february or start a diet and don't finish it; it's funny to me because i have been one of those people before. been there done that. 
                      i was so thankful my best friend jordan introduced me to whole30 in 2016. after about 45 days of strict discipline in maintaining the whole30 program i felt so good. yes i lost weight but i mean truly felt good inside and had more energy!  after eating bad food over the holidays (which was wonderful, don't get me wrong) it really felt like my body was hating me for how bad i was eating. it's amazing the difference you can make just by choosing healthy foods each day. thats my first goal for the year is to take care of myself and my family by keeping up the whole30 lifestyle and extending it past the first few months. i plan to keep this going as a lifestyle verses a diet. this might be a little easier to follow: heres a few goals i have for 2017

  • HEALTH: put my health first- maintain the whole30 lifestyle and share recipes and ideas with others 
  • GIVE: my goal is to give more throughout the year in ways we can impact others and through our church--  to actively seek new ways to give to others who are in need 
  • BIBLE: my goal is to start a new women's bible study plan- anyone have any good recommendations for this one?? 
  • SAVE: everyone wants to save more and spend less, but my goal is to save more each month 
  • MEMORIES: reed and i love to travel, we will have more weekend time this year to make more road-trips and have more opportunities to travel often and even more than we did last year-- my goal is to keep this going and spend more time trying new things together 
  • FAMILY: to continue to spend more time and as much time as we can with our families :)
  • FREE WEEKENDS: this is a big one for us, my goal is to not plan every weekend packed full of things to do each weekend of every month-- plan weekends with nothing to do!!
  • READ:  the goal is to put away the phone more often and grab a good book instead

those are a few meaningful goals for this year and i know you all have your own as well! I would love to hear yours as well, feel free to share and comment below! my hope for my blog is that i can share ideas with you through my little spot on the internet and inspire you to do things you love each and every day :) thank you for reading and for your support. have a great week  and cheers to a fresh new year with endless possibilities!! God is good!! see you again soon xoxo 

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