Organization: 10 Tips to Declutter your bathroom with guest blogger CaitsCozyCorner

              Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! Today, I am teaming up with a lovely lady named Caitlin   who is known for her blog CaitsCozyCorner www.caitscozycorner.blogspot.com I am excited to share with you her "10 Tips to Declutter your Bathroom." We have talked about organizing and ways to organize your home before but I love Cait's tips and ways she organizes her own bathroom and home. Thank you Cait for sharing with us and for collaborating together for this post. 

Bathrooms tend to be the messy and disorganized of rooms in my house. I’m not sure why with so many towels, toothbrushes for the kids, bath soaps and sponges and more it’s just a disaster all the time! Since having our newborn a few weeks ago, I became insistent on getting everything cleaned and organized during my time at home. I also thought of some great tips to help you declutter your bathroom if you seem to be in the same rut as myself. So let’s share 10 tips to declutter your bathroom (or even your kids, guest or powder room)!

  1. Baskets Under The Sink - If you don’t have a extra room, baskets are a nice way to neatly store shoes, dog leashes, and packs. When they are tucked under a pretty console it doesn’t turn into a blemish. I think this idea is excellent.

  1. Hanging Shelves Above The Toilet - I always want to put some extra storage above our toilet but could never find anything I liked that would fit such a small and cramped spot. Adding some hanging shelves above is perfect to place extra towels, soap or anything else you may need to grab quickly.
  1. Baskets In Drawers- Don’t you hate opening a drawer and everything rolls into one another? I use small baskets from the dollar store to help keep lipsticks together, toothpaste and toothbrush parts and other little things in one central location.
  2. Use Jars - Mason jars are my favorite way to add some fun flair plus they fit everything! Cotton balls, toothbrushes, makeup brushes and more! I love mounting them to the mall, especially in my powder room where space is limited. Having this extra storage makes all the difference!
  1. Hand Soap Bottles - Do you ever have too many shampoo or conditioner bottles under your sink or in your shower? They can take up a lot of room, especially when you buy in bulk like I do. Make it easier on yourself and put them in soap bottles! They give you the same pump feeling and you save so much room by having the smaller bottle.
  2. Clear Vases- I used to always try and figure out the best way to store toilet paper. They can be bulky and trying to make them accessible to your guests can be daunting. I add big vases and put some toilet paper in it for a more decorative, tasteful way to store your toilet paper.
  1. Toy Baskets - Are you a parent? If you are, you understand and maybe even cringe over all the bath toys you may have for your little one. An easy way to tackle that project? Grab some cute pins and add a bar to place over the tub. This is an easy way for your child to grab what they need and learn placement value for each toy in the tub. Be creative with how you store your items too and have your child even help if needed to feel apart of the process.
  2. Tension Rods- Lots of jewelry but nowhere to put them? Add a tension rod that you can purchase at the dollar store, as well as some s hooks. These s hooks are perfect for hanging your necklaces or even hanging old clips for your hair! Tension rods are easy to install in your own bathroom or even your child's bathroom to help store extra towels, wash clothes and robes. The possibilities are endless adding tension rods to any bathroom in your home!
  3. Repurpose - Turn containers from jam, candles, and anything else you can find into chic supply jars! They make your powder room a bit more festive adding some cotton swabs, tissues, or even soap for your guests to use!
  4. Add A Wall - Of course you can only do this if you have the space but who doesn’t hate going into a bathroom and having the toilet just out in the open. Add a privacy wall to the side as well as extra storage space for yourself! It’s the perfect solution.

Image: Premier Surfaces
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How would you declutter your bathroom?


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