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Summer Favorites

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend!  I literally can't believe it is already mid June,  the summer is already flying by. As you already know, my heart lies in fall and winter but I do enjoy a few things about the  summer season. Here are a few of my summer favorites:

-Farmers Market time: There is something about good produce from the Farmers Market on a Saturday in the summer. I load up on fresh veggies, watermelon & cantaloupe, and find the best set of  fresh flowers to take home. I love a good summer Farmers Market!

-Ice cream dates: I mean this one is pretty much a given for everyone I'm sure!? Who doesn't love going out to dinner for date night & ending on a good note with ice cream. Whether it's Dairy Queen or a local ice cream shop such as Hattie James or Bobbys Dairy Dip- either way it's a good time!

-Flats & Sandals: As much as I hate making sure my toes are always painted and looking halfway decent (ha) I do love wearing cute sandals. My ultimate favorite shoe is a good flat! I love pointed toe flats, patterned flats, cut out flats... the list goes on! Summer is good for good shoes.

-Summer Travels: Traveling anytime of the year is fabulous but a summer trip always seems to be a great time! I am not much of a beach person but when visiting new places during the summer months there is always something new to do and more activities going on. Even heading to the mountains is great during the summer because of the views and scenery and the weather isn't as hot and humid near the mountains.

-Family cookouts: Again, family cookouts are great year round but there is something about a fun summer cookout filled with BBQ, burgers on the grill, fresh veggies and bowls of watermelon and fresh fruit that just make summer cookouts awesome during the warmer months. More importantly getting to spend time with loved ones is the best part of all.

I thought it would be fun to share my summer favorites and I would love to learn about yours! Have a great week!

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