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diy: my inspiration board

happy thursday! i am so excited to share my inspiration board with you today. i have always had an inspiration board (whether large or small) in each place that i have lived. i have always enjoyed collages and pulling all of my ideas/ inspirations into one. i had multiple inspiration boards in high school, college, my apartments, and now my home. i think it's important to have daily inspiration to see and get ideas from! 

just like my craft room, my inspiration board is also crafted with pieces that are symbolic. i like keeping and having pieces that are special to me throughout the house and in places where i spend a lot of time (like my craft room). inspiration boards are easy to make and fun to create. i purchased this cork board with my parents at a yard sale for $2 and then painted it white with white acrylic paint.

after applying the white paint, i purchase a large piece of polka dot construction paper from hobby lobby and glued it to the cork board. i wanted a fun pattern in the back instead of a regular cork look. after i applied the construction paper, i began gathering items that are symbolic to me and go along great with the theme of my craft room. i have put together a description of each item on my inspiration board and why i chose each piece:

-san francisco map: this brand of paper is one of my favorites called "mapnote." this brand creates  maps of different cities in the shape of a large gift tag (which i am obsessed with). this specific map represents my first trip to california to visit my best friend jordan. not only do i love spending time with jordan, and maps and paper, but this also represents my love of traveling. 

-fashion illustration: this fashion illustration is one of the many  illustrations i have in my craft room. the designer of this illustration is "brittany fuson paper." i have always loved her work and have also mentioned her in my previous posts as well. this represents my love for what i went to school for: fashion. 

positive quotes: the black and white card as well as the yellow card "do more of what makes you happy" are positive quotes to remind myself to always stay positive no matter the situation because God has a plan and will always bring you through anything and everything. also pictured is a teal quote from my favorite daily planner designer "erin condren."

cards: the black and white card as well as the small white polka dot cards resemble my love for stationery and paper products. they resemble my loved ones. the small white card was a written letter from my grandmother and the black and white card was written by one of my best friends ariel. they are daily reminders that my loved ones are extremely important to me.

craft paper: the mini heart in the left corner and also the brown polka dot bag at the other right corner of my board represent my love of craft paper. i know it sounds simple and easy but it reminds me of the simple things in life and how i treasure simplicity (and craft paper) :) i use craft paper a lot to wrap gifts and other projects with. 

postcard: the "welcome ya'll" postcard i got from a local southern boutique here in franklin and i absolutely love postcards. this one was exciting because it had an old time feel. postcards have always meant a lot to me because i collected them in my study abroad travels to europe and also when i was younger. i still have all of them to this day but this one is special to me because it reminds me of my time in tennesee and in the south and how much i have enjoyed living here. 

monogram "T": being a yankee, i always made fun of southern monograms. i remember telling my mom and grandmother when i was moving to nashville from indianapolis that i will not come home with anything monogrammed ha! that didn't last long, now i have been "southernized" i know my in-laws appreciate this and now i have multiple "t's" and "d's" everywhere! its a simple reminder to not forget who you are :)

ribbon & gift tag: the last two pieces of my board are the pink ribbon on the left corner and also the yellow gift tag on the top center of the board. these two pieces resemble gift wrapping. if you know me, you know my obsession with packaging and gift wrapping. there is just something about a good gift with a great presentation. it's all about the presentation folks! 

i hope you have enjoyed your time reading about my inspiration board. just a small piece of my daily inspiration. i am sure you all have something that inspires you (maybe it's a book or picture) whatever it is, i would love to see it! send me an e-mail or post in the comments section. thank you all for reading and stopping by. i hope you enjoy your day!

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