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recipe: lemon & cilantro grilled chicken

hi everyone! this is my idea of a good summer time dinner. last week we had our good friend john over for dinner and i made a new chicken recipe up and really liked how it turned out. since this was my own creation, feel free to add or take away any of the ingredients that you may not like. i wanted a different grilled chicken recipe and marinade and also have been wanting something different to go on our zucchini. 

here is what i came up with:

-2 tablespoons of olive oil
-2  packages of fresh chicken breasts
-1or 2 lemons
-1/4 cup of lemon juice
-salt & pepper to taste
-one bunch of cilantro 
-butter for skillet

-start by adding your chicken breasts in your dish 
-add olive oil on top of chicken and use your hands to cover olive oil over chicken
-add salt & pepper
-add your lemon juice 
-use a food chopper or processor to mince your cilantro
-add cilantro to the dish and rub this on your chicken 
-cut up your lemon and add slices to your dish on top of the chicken
-cover this with saran wrap and let this marinade in the fridge for 2-4 hours 
-next, you will remove this from the fridge 
-on your stove top, either in a pan or cast iron skillet add a small piece of butter or olive oil
(i used butter)
- then, you will add your chicken breasts to the skillet to cook
-rotate your chicken in the skillet multiple times for it to cook evenly
-remove the chicken when a good golden brown color shows and test this by checking to see if all of the pink coloring is gone
-i also added a few lemon slices to the skillet for a short period of time while the chicken was cooking for it to soak up the lemon flavor
-lastly, you can add more lemon juice for extra flavoring and salt/pepper to taste

for the zucchini:

-i cut up 2 zucchinis into slices
-added a brush of melted butter to each one
-then added a small amount of parmesan cheese to each slice
-i baked these for 30-35 min on 375
-you can keep these in longer depending on how crispy or soft you would like them

for dinner you can add whatever sides you would like! i hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did and enjoy your summer time dinners :) i am sure there will be plenty of new recipes to share with you this summer, and i can't wait!

have a great memorial weekend and spend time with your loved ones! we are heading to north carolina :)

thank you for stopping by!

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