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recipes: 5 ingredient banana pancakes

reed and i ate banana pancakes when we were on our anniversary vacation in napa and we have kinda craved them ever since. i found a healthier version of banana pancakes from this blog called "clean food crush"  i follow daily and i wanted to share with you! they are so delicious and of course my taste tester approved :) he wanted extra peanut butter; therefore, you don't have to add all of that if you want them even healthier haha!

here is the recipe:

(to make one small batch use the ingredients below, in my recipe above i doubled this to make 2 batches)
-1 smashed banana
-2 whole eggs
-1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter
-1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract
-a pinch of cinammon

that's it!

-pre-heat your griddle or pan to medium/high temp
-combine the following ingredients very well with a fork in a small bowl
-pour 1/4 cup per pancake onto the heated pan or griddle prepared with coconut oil
-flip once there are visible bubbles on top of the pancakes
-they will easily burn and turn a dark brown, watch them carefully
-serve with a lite syrup and your choice of fruit and a dash of cinammon 
(reed wanted extra peanut butter as you can see from the pictures above ha!)

happy saturday! wake up and enjoy the beautiful day with some yummy banana pancakes!
thank you for stopping by!


  1. Oh my word! These look and sound delicious. I will have to try them this weekend.

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