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organization: kitchen pantry

before pictures:

the after pictures:

using bins and organizing trays keep your items clean and organized

these bins are inexpensive and great to store your snacks

i love keeping my cookbooks exposed and on display :)

i  love these small organizing trays to organize my spices

the cookie jar reed and i made when we were dating

 my before & after pictures of my pantry are crazy! just by re-organizing what i have and purchasing a few small bins and trays made a huge difference. i love organizing and i have been wanting to tackle this pantry for awhile now. well, i now had the chance to get to it today! you can find bins, crates, plastic trays, jars, and other items just about anywhere in order to organize your space. 

i found these clear plastic trays at target as well as the tan bins that i used for our snacks. i recently had a switch in my diet and now that consists of gluten free; therefore, i pitched a lot of items away from the before pictures. i needed to keep most of the pantry items but added in some new gluten free items as well. 

now our pantry is clutter free and easy to use. i hope you find your own inspiration in organizing your home as well. i always find it exciting that the finished product is much easier to use and clean. i hope you all enjoyed your weekend and i hope you are having a great week so far. thank you for stopping by and happy wednesday! :)

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  1. Great organization and nice pantry! I love the sign above the door. :)